Do you have challenges delivering your powerful technology to customers in a “user experience” that they can easily understand, use, and enjoy?


It’s time to explore deeper.

In 30+ years of award-winning design projects, we’ve seen a common Hero’s Journey for our clients…

Chapter 1: Just design, please.

Client hires Spelunk to design the user experience (UX) for their digital product or service…


Chapter 2: Um… We don’t know.

Spelunk asks Client a number of product questions that prove to be a bit uncomfortable because they have not been previously asked or fully answered…

“Gary is an expert problem solver who breaks complex requests into manageable pieces, identifying the intent of the message and translating that into meaningful user experiences and design decisions. He is also a strong advocate for clearly understanding our intended customer early on, and tailoring our designs and experiences for that customer.”

Matthew Huard

Principal Engineer, Warner Bros. Games

Chapter 3: Maybe we should find out.

Client stops, backs up, and asks Spelunk to perform user research that reveals amazing details, insights, and opportunities…


Chapter 4: We’re not on the same page?

Spelunk starts coordinating with other parts of the Client organization to prepare for an agile, collaborative, efficient design process. But this reveals that there is not a coherent alignment between teams…


“Gary provided leadership that helped transform our strategic approach, processes, design, structure and ultimately our project management. His incredible knowledge, combined with his sage wisdom about R&D, digital transformation, and customer journey mapping enabled our organization to approach our largest online & mobile banking project with newfound clarity and success.”

Deborah Mersino

Chief Marketing Officer, Oregon Community Credit Union

Chapter 5: Let’s get our ducks in a row.

Client asks Spelunk to help them build and organize their teams, processes, and methodologies to ensure success on this project, and all projects to follow…


Chapter 6: Successful conclusion.

Client and Spelunk work together to deliver an amazing user experience that is wildly successful for customers, the business, and its teams. Client is the hero, winning with both their customers and their internal teams & stakeholders.

“I am especially taken by Gary’s creative mind and work ethic. He is always willing to assume new and difficult challenges and manages them as opportunities by finding innovative ways to get things done with limited resources and pressing constraints. Gary has shown that he views problems from a total business perspective, considering economic opportunity, required investment, risks, and anticipated paybacks.”

Deb Daufeldt

VP, Interactive Marketing, Aimco

As a result, we have learned that the best method for delivering outstanding results is to offer UX Strategy, UX Design, and Design Ops consulting to our clients.


Every project is different, and we don’t always need to perform all three roles, but having the expertise and experience across all of these areas makes us far more effective, efficient, and wildly successful with the final product.

UX Strategy

By asking you and your customers critical questions about your business, industry, competitors, product, end-to-end journeys, and user objectives, we can create the directional foundations upon which all user experience design should be built.

UX Design

Form follows function, and both should be outstanding for your customers. We apply your brand to your application, create logical flow and interactions, and ensure that your users can understand, use, and enjoy every screen.

Design Ops

Spelunk has been called “The Design Sherpa” for guiding clients through the process of building effective teams, implementing solid methodologies for collaboration, and creating positive cultures that get the job done.

What’s your alternative?


In the story above, imagine that you skip a step, and wonder how it might affect your success. Have you done this in the past, and how did it work out?

We are often hired only after a client has tried and failed at least once, usually because at least one of these steps was not well executed. All of those “prior attempts” were very costly to these clients, in terms of lost time, resources, money, personnel, or all of the above.

Exploring deeper from the start leads to lower risk and a much higher chance of success.

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Your company hires a senior-level creative type that uses a ton of flowery language but contributes nothing the day-to-day process of making products.

Now picture the EXACT opposite of that. Someone who brings a unifying vision to the design process and actually gets it implemented. That’s Gary:

… Tough design challenge? I’ve seen Gary break roadblocks by simplifying complex mechanics into something immediately accessible to the user.

… Unwieldy flow? Gary has sat down with me and whipped technical, boring wireframes into compelling interfaces.

… Unsure how to position your product? Gary created personas that let everyone easily understand who they’re selling to.

It seems like every day I walk by a conference room where Gary is actively getting stuff done. This is a man who knows how to move the ball down the field.”

Jonathan Zabel

Production Director, Rovio Entertainment

A few of our treasured clients

Let’s Explore Deeper

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“There is one overriding and consistent feature of Gary’s work, and that is an unwavering commitment to excellence. I don’t mean ‘he always does a good job,’ although of course he does. I mean he penetrates deeply into problems, identifies core issues and contextualizes superficial issues, then creates solutions based on all that insight. His solutions work – they make sense – all the way down to the molecules.”

Richard Levitt

Brand & Content Strategist