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A new way to achieve rapid, positive, meaningful progress by approaching your business and digital product strategies from the perspective of the Customer Experience.

How are you doing?

Okay, but how are you really doing? Does your product or service resonate deeply with your customers? Are you meeting their needs, goals, dreams? Are you delighting them throughout the customer lifecycle? Could it be that you are trying to solve the wrong problems or answering the wrong questions? How do you formulate your customer experience strategy, and is that vision working for your business goals?


Spelunk can help you find the right questions and the right problems, then help you solve them.
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Want to Make More Progress, Faster and with Less Risk?

How well do you really know or understand your customers? How fast are they changing in today’s connected world? Are your methods and systems aligned to how, when, where and why they buy? Do you want your digital experience projects to be more effective, but also faster to complete and with far less risk? Are you tired of wasting money and time with old methods that don’t seem to work?


Spelunk’s preparation, people and processes will help you solve the puzzle quickly, efficiently and effectively.
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Want to Evolve Your Corporate Mindset + Culture?

Does your organization need to evolve in how it thinks about the true needs of your customers, about moving & staying ahead of the competition, about innovating in a rapidly changing, complex world? Do you want to learn how to conduct customer research, develop innovative insights, and more effectively direct your digital design efforts in-house?


Spelunk can be your guide and mentor to a better mindset, strategy & tactics for success.
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Interested in seeing how far Customer Experience Strategy might take you?

The Reading List

A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger

My new favorite book is a must-read for anyone wondering why the art of asking questions has fallen by the wayside, everywhere except in the most successful, innovative businesses. The methods discussed are excellent additions to our creative problem solving toolkit. [GB]


You’re My Favorite Client by Mike Monteiro

A sharp and valuable treatise for clients on how to work with design firms by the co-founder of Mule Design. Monteiro’s unique sense of humor helps to politely yet sternly educate and guide clients about how to adapt to the unique mindset of the designer. [GB]


Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

A high-density exploration of how humans think, specifically with regards to intuition, biases, judgments, recognition, attention, choices, and conclusions, makes for fascinating reading when considering it all in the context of customer behavior and how CX should address the issues at play in the brain. [GB]

“Gary is one of the brightest and most enjoyable people I’ve had the honor to work with. He is passionate about understanding customer needs and delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. Collaborating with Gary was a blast. Conversations would easily shift between vision & tactics, short term & long term. Decisions were arrived at quickly, commitments made & met. One good reason (in addition to his nimble mind) is because Gary is usually one or two steps ahead of everyone else, so had already initiated some of the background resource that would inform his opinions.”
David Arsenault

VP, Product Development, Blackboard