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Gary Buck

Gary has traveled an eclectic career path, initially serving as a digital hardware engineer for defense contractors in Pennsylvania, Germany and Silicon Valley before returning to college to study graphic design in San Jose during the advent of Macintosh computers and the world wide web. That fortuitous timing, combined with his engineering problem-solving abilities and artistic skill set, allowed Gary to be at the forefront of digital art & design across multiple creative fields, including graphic design, advertising, interactive multimedia and website design.

Working with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, CKS Interactive and Eagle River Associates, Gary gained a wealth of design experience in user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and information architecture (IA). He then served as VP Creative Services for, leading global projects for clients such as 3M, Sprint, and GMAC, eventually launching his own design consultancy, Green Boomerang, where he executed a wide variety of digital strategy & design engagements for Applied Materials, Visa, Allergan, Walmart, Alltel, FootSmart, Agency Republic, Wabash College and others.

After a three-year research project studying how design is valued, resourced and implemented in large software firms (Autodesk), startups (Chartboost, Booyah) and large consulting firms (Deloitte), Gary moves forward with Spelunk, a customer experience (CX) strategy & design firm focused on improving the mindset, environment, teams and processes to “explore deeper” and thus enable design to achieve far better success in projects for clients around the world.

Myers-Briggs : ENTP / Artistic, Investigative, Realistic
Basadur profile : Conceptualizer / Generator (2/1)
StrengthsFinder :  Strategic / Ideation / Maximizer / Futuristic / Responsibility
Johnson O’Connor key aptitudesDivergent Thinking, Convergent Thinking, Spatial Visualization, Inductive Reasoning, Foresight, Observation
 PMAI : Creator / Seeker / Sage   |   Bartle Gamer Psychology : Explorer / Achiever

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